The Semperfli Spider
January 19, 2016

This simple pattern came about while I was trying to create a durable, thin, streamlined, and segmented thread body for a soft hackle pattern. Nano silk spins up nicely creating a segmented looking abdomen just before the fur thorax comes into play. The thorax flares the starling feather nicely and really comes alive in the water. The nano silk has a slight bleed through when wet which produces an even more buggy appearance. 3 materials working together; united in purpose to put fish in the net.

Start your nano and go back to the point of the hook.

Take a small whisp of rabbit dubbing. I like to pronounce "whisp" like "hhwisp" as it makes me feel more official. For example: Hhwile tying soft hackles, sometimes I like a hhwisp of dubbing for a thorax.

I then split my nano with a bodkin and place the hhwisp of dubbing in between the strands (1" away from the hook).

Then I color the nano between the hhwisp of dubbing and the hook w/a black sharpie.

Spin my thread counter clockwise creating a small rope.

Wrap the thread in open spaces creating a segmented abdomen. Looks similar to a stripped peacock quill, eh? Then create a thorax hhwith your hhwisp. Your thread should end up close to the eye of the hook.

Tie in the soft hackle of your choice. Here I've chosen a starling feather.

Hhwrap your feather to your liking. I like a sparse look so I've wrapped mine 1 1/2 times. Tie off your feather, hhwip finish, and you're done. Easy.

Thread: Nano Silk 30 denier Pink
Hook: Wet Fly Hook sz.14
Thorax: Rabbit Dubbing
Hackle: Starling

-Grant (The Fly Ninja)

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