Squatting Sumo Caddis Pupa


Hook: Tmc 2488 or similar. Sz. 14-16
Thread: Brown 6/0
Body: 2 sz. Small amber glass bead strung on 3x. 3x burned on end to avoid slippage. Dipped and cured in Clear Cure Goo (Thick) or Bug Bond original (leaving about 1” of excess tippet to assist in tying on to hook)
Bead: 3/32-7/64 copper tung bead.
Tail/Antenna Tail fibers: brown ep fibers. Antenna-Mallard flank dyed wood duck: curled to simulate horns
Dubbing: pheasant tail/rusty brown ice dub mixed in two parts
Legs: partridge
Collar: brown Ostrich

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December 5, 2015

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❯ Squatting Sumo Caddis Pupa
December 5, 2015